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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 4, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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targets. targets? in your own locker room? have you seen the pictures coming out of iran today? you will. we'll count down to january 18th and the premier of rick's list, where my access will become your access every single day. america's cutting edge national conversation starts right now. hello, again, everybody. i'm rick sanchez with the next generation of news. this is a conversation, not a speech. as always, it's your turn to get involved. we are following developments in las vegas now where there's been a deadly shooting in the lobby of this federal courthouse. it's really an ongoing story that we have been trying to get our arms around for some time. but there is so much information coming out on this story, not to mention the number of bullets that were fired in several
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directions. the gunman and a court security officer apparently have been killed. a deputy u.s. marshal is in stable condition now at a local hospital. a by-stander was able to get this sound that we are going to share with you now on his cell phone. it is amazing to listen to, especially when you consider just how much -- how many rounds of fire are being heard when you listen to this. let's do this together now. ready? dan, if you've got it, go ahead and play it here. [ gunshots ] >> shooting outside of a las vegas courthouse. [ gunshots continue ] >> holy -- [ gunshots continue ]
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>> unbelievable. >> i'm going to have mike brooks here in a little bit to take us through what he hears and using his expertise, maybe he'll be able to tell us how many rounds are fired, what kind of weapons are being discharged. a witness who heard that gunfire counted dozens of shots. he spoke by phone with ktnv. let me turn that around for you. >> i saw people running out of the building. i guess what looked like security or, i guess in this case it was the marshals. kind of the whole firefight opened up. it was just blast after blast of the gun. it sounded like 30 to 40 shots to me. it was kind of surreal watching it.
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you know, i didn't realize what was going on at the time. it was kind of scary, but that's what it sounded like. it sounded like it was going on for at least a couple of minutes. i saw the one marshal, as far as i know now it's a marshal, got shot up in the corner of the building. another marshal ran up and covered him up. i saw some other police officers arriving at the scene and coming up las vegas boulevard shooting. and then when the shots kind of subsided, i saw some officers run up and check on that marshal that was apparently hit. >> for those of you just coming home from work and joining us now, this is a still developing story. this has taken place at the lloyd d. george federal courthouse right there in las vegas. many of you who have touristed to vegas may be familiar with the area. as as you can tell from the google earth map we have pulled
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for you, it's a fair distance from the area most people would consider the tourist district there. the las vegas strip. i'm told we have a chance to talk to a witness now named bobby scotland. he was either in the building when it happened or was about to enter the building. i'm not clear on the details. but i want to bring him on now, see if he's there. mr. scotland, are you there, sir? >> yes. how are you? >> thank you, sir. you're on the air now on cnn. i'm rick sanchez. glad to talk to you. would you take us through what you saw there earlier today? >> sure, rick. i remember you when i played football at the university of miami years ago. you were in miami. i live in vegas now. i was -- i walked into the lloyd george building. >> uh-huh. >> i asked the security people there if this is the right building for the address i need to be at. they said, no, i'm across the street. i left that building literally
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four or five minutes -- maybe it was two or three minutes -- before the shooting. i remember seeing some people walking past me as i walked down the steps to go across the street. there was one or two gentlemen that had a long coat which i believe is what the shooter had. i was a little freaked out afterwards because i was just in there four or five minutes before. i was actually in the building across the street which is the foley building. it's about a hundred yards from the entrance of the security where the shooting took place initially. >> hmm. >> i walked in, walked through security which is pretty much the same as the lloyd george building. they make you check your bags. they make you go through the metal detector. evidently, the shooter before he entered the metal detector is where he opened up. he shot at a court security officer and then as he was
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leaving the building is when the marshal, i believe, was shot. we actually came out of the foley building and there was a window. we looked across and this is about 10, 15 seconds after the shots began. there were five or six marshals in my building with their guns drawn, firing. i must say metro las vegas police department did an outstanding job today in cordoning off the area and securing the crime scene. literally -- you know, 30 seconds after the shooting there were 10 to 12 cops there and within two minutes there were seven ambulances, fire trucks and about a hundred cops. >> mr. scotland, you have done a remarkable job taking us through this scene. it sounds harrowing, indeed, to say the least what you witnessed and what you were almost a part of. if you had only been delayed by
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a couple of minutes, according to the story you tell us. bobby scotland joining us live as you shared the story with us. my colleague and friend mike brooks joins us now. he's a law enforcement analyst. works with hln, our sister network. mike, this is sounding like a scene where someone had walked in with an idea of doing something and they were stopped before they did whatever it is they were going to do, but not without some loss of life. >> the court security officers, when you go in, take everything out of your pockets. in fact, a lot of them are retired law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions who retire and get a job as a court security officer. it's very, very sad that this is what happened. but prevented this guy from getting in and -- who knows? >> do we know what he wanted to do? too errfully the investigation. has everyone who may have been responsible for this been
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apprehended or killed? >> it sounds as if right now, yes. >> i heard one report that there was somebody out there on the loose or somebody in the building. >> so far this is the only person we believe he was operating alone. we don't know for sure though. that's part of the investigation. they should know by now, rick, exactly what this guy's motive was. it may take a while to find out what his story is. >> it sounds like everybody who was a victim or in this case one of the perpetrators -- perpendiculars perps as you call them -- have been accounted for. >> they want to do a search to see if anyone went in before him, but it is believed he was operating alone. >> let me use your expertise real quick. i want you to listen to this gunfire. i want you to tell me how many rounds you think are being fired. is it from one type of weapon or is that an exchange of fire from the weapons.
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let's listen to it together. we're not sure. play that, if you would, dan. [ gunshots ] >> shooting outside of a las vegas courthouse. >> here comes the big one now. >> holy -- [ gunshots continue ] >> unbelievable. >> as we listen to that, rick, it's hard to tell by listening to that off that phone or whatever -- pda. >> does it sound like the echo is different? >> it is, but it sounded like a couple of different guns to me. possibly even a rifle fire. it's hard to say. at this point, i'm not sure exactly where in this whole incident this was shot.
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initially, rick, the reports we were hearing and i was reporting on hln as we hear from the affiliates is he was across the street in bushes and was shooting into the lobby of the federal building from bushes. now we hear from the eyewitnesses he was actually inside the lobby shooting. that's -- it sounded like after that an exchange of gunfire because he fell outside across the street is where he was taken down. >> is this correct protocol to open fire in a lobby if you have to put someone down? >> oh, absolutely. >> really, with all the people inside? how many people could have possibly gotten hurt? >> we don't know how many people were inside the lobby at the time. if someone comes in and opens fire on a court security officer and n a federal -- and a u.s. marshal or anyone else, even citizens -- >> you have to return fire. >> law enforcement officers, if they believe lives are in danger they will take action to bring that subject down and just make
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sure there is no other threat. >> you have to return fire even if there are other people walking in the building? you have to? >> well, training. >> you do what you have to do. >> without killing other people. >> that's why law enforcement officers go through that. u.s. marshals go through fletsi and i have been involved in this. this is not something for the faint of heart. >> not for the faint of heart. >> not at all. >> you're going to join me in a little bit because we are following another story involving the nba. can you make phone calls and see if there is anything -- it sounds like a lot of information to be accessed. >> this happened at 11:00 a.m. eastern. that's when the first shots rang out. >> police are on the scene. >> there is a lot to do. when you shoot at or kill a federal officer and the court security officer is considered a federal officer, the fbi will work with the federal marshal,
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because the fbi office was there as well and a couple of senators' offices. and we don't know the motive. >> see if you can get motive for us. >> and i'm interested to see what's coming up. tax time. people not happy with taxes. >> like alfred t.murrow and cases like that. we'll report the facts and move on. thanks, mike. meanwhile, this. >> never did anything violent. anything i do it's funny. well, it's funny to me. >> it's not funny to police. they are investigating. this is what mike and i were talking about. reports that two nba players pulled guns on each other in the nba locker room. some athletes say they need to carry guns because they are big targets. do you buy that? flames and bloodshed as protesters continue to fight the government in iran and the images we're going to take you to are right there on that
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scene, all throughout parts of tehran. it's amazing video. that's just ahead. stay with us. also, don't forget the other way to participate in the national conversation. call us at 877-742-5751. i'm rick sanchez. s all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. chptse aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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and welcome back to your national conversation. i'm rick sanchez. as you have probably seen, i am now keeping a list which i am divulging every day of what newsmakers are tweeting of import. and also what you're tweeting. first up, our top story is a developing story that we're following. it's a major shootout really at
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the federal courthouse in las vegas. i want to share with you first as this continues a tweet that we are following from the las vegas metropolitan police department as we look at the pictures. let me also read to you what this tweet says on my baeroard. we have been following them. we know they are concerned about the activity around the scene saying police activity near fourth street and stewart. traffic may be tide up on the northbound fourth street area. please avoid the area if at all possible. also, we've got a tweet in from senator harry reid, the senator from nevada concerned about constituents in las vegas. he has an office in the building, by the way. senator harry reid does. this tragedy in las vegas serves as a reminder of the sacrifices law enforcement officials make on our behalf each day. so those are two relevant tweets
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to the breaking news story we're following for you now a major shootout in las vegas at the federal courthouse there. we expect more information on it. as we do i will share it with you. we're also going to follow this. >> with all due respect, this is nuts. playing games with the process. all it's doing is hurting the traveling public. >> is senator mccaskill calling out another senator or calling the whole system nuts? we'll let you hear it and also nba basketball players who reportedly pulled guns on each other are talking and we've got them. should they be arrested? breathing relief... time introduces-- drum roll please-- new breathe right extra. the only strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% stronger for congested noses that need extra help in opening nasal passages... so you breathe even better.
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once again, there appears to have been a horrific shooting in las vegas at the federal courthouse. we are all over the story because it turns out it's more of a shootout than a shooting. it affects a lot of people including bystanders in the area. we are going to continue to nail that story down. we continue to get more information. we'll continue to play the videos. we are talking to witnesses and we'll round out the coverage for you here as you would expect from us on cnn. in the meantime there is another big story many people all over the country are talking about. i told you about this one on friday. remember when we first reported the story? i said this is not a story that will go away easily. this is a story involving gilbert arenas and javaris crittenton. they are the nba teammates, washington wizards, who reportedly drew guns on each other in the team locker room
3:21 pm
over some kind of gambling debt or something described appropriately so. this is an nba locker room that we are talking about. so far, most of the heat's coming down on arenas who has apparently been using the room, according to witnesses, to store several weapons. apparently has a date to discuss the situation with law enforcement officials. some athletes say they need guns because they are famous rich athletes and are targets. other athletes call the assertion bull. mike brooks will join me in a little bit with more. here first is susan candiodi with more on the story. >> reporter: gilbert arenas is a three-time nba all-star, but his alleged locker room gun antics could get him into serious foul trouble legally.
3:22 pm
hell of a morning for jury duty. >> nothing in my life is serious. i'm a jokester. >> reporter: it's no joke. the new york post reports arenas and his teammate allegedly drew guns on each other december 21 over a card-playing gambling debt. >> i can't speak on that. if you know me, i have never done anything violent. anything i do is funny -- well, it's funny to me. >> reporter: team members say he kept guns in his locker with no ammo. they call it dangerous and a disappointing. quote, guns have absolutely no place in a workplace environment and we will take further steps to ensure this never happens again. >> i agree. that's bad judgment on my part storing them here and i take responsibility for that. >> reporter: when players are working, there is a great deal of security, but away from the spotlight it's a whole new ball game. some athletes carry guns saying they consider themselves targets and need protection. protection from attacks like
3:23 pm
that suffered by redskins defensive back sean taylor who was murdered at home during a robbery. carrying a gun can be costly, even for a celebrity. ex-new york giants wide receiver plaxico burress is serving a two-year prison sentence for illegal possession of a gun after accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a nightclub. mega stars like cleveland cavaliers' lebron james and shaquille o'neal create a fan frenzy and post game fans get up close and personal. shaq who works with police in his spare time declined to talk about the arenas incident. >> we want to ask you about the gilbert -- >> no, no, baby. i don't want to talk about a that. >> reporter: neither did lebron james but he talked about security in general. >> i live in akron, ohio. it's my hometown. i don't need security. i don't travel with security. one thing i do is i just continue to make sure my family is always safe.
3:24 pm
>> reporter: what are the league rules? the nfl and nba forbid players from handling guns on property time or property and recommend against gun use for personal protection. the discussion is now whether teams should write a gun claus into players' contracts similar to banning skydiving or boxing. as for javaris crittenton, the other player involved in this, cnn was unable to reach his agent. he tells the new york post his client will be exonerated and arenas says he'll talk with investigators tomorrow. susan candiodi, cnn, new york. >> never did anything violent. anything i do is funny -- well, it's funny to me. >> i wanted you to hear it again after hearing it in susan's report. funny to me. do you think these athletes are bigger targets than the rest of us and that's why they have a right to carry more guns, et cetera? i'm going to drill down on this later with mike brooks. it's something a lot of
3:25 pm
americans ask themselves when they hear of these incidents. also angry protesters in iran taking out more of their frustration against the government and you are not going to believe how much of this is caught on camera over the weekend and today you're going to see and hear it play out for yourself. for motorcycle insurance. you're good. thanks. so is our bike insurance. all the coverage you need at a great price. hold on, cowboy. cool. i'm not done -- for less than a dollar a month, you also get 24/7 roadside assistance. right on. yeah, vroom-vroom! sounds like you ran a 500. more like a 900 v-twin. excuse me. well, you're excused. the right insurance for your ride. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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welcome back. i'm rick sanchez. have you seen the latest video out of iran? it shows people who are -- or at least appear to be at wit's end setting fires. plenty of bloodshed as well. you may say this is the video the iranian government doesn't want us to see. we are relying with people who post clips on the internet. let me set it up for you. you are about to hear a gunshot, see a police officer slash militia member fire into the crowd and at protesters. then you will see and listen to what happens next. let's do it.
3:28 pm
[ gunshots ] in the past couple of days we have been seeing some of the most violent and disruptive protest marches in tehran since the disputed presidential election last summer. yep, that was blood on the ground right there. we have heard reports of 500 people arrested. so far only eight confirmed kills. could be much higher, of course. these are people who refuse to accept the results of the election six months ago. these demonstrations are among the biggest and deadliest since the iranian revolution dating back to 1979. we are relying in large measure on amateur video as the iranian government keeps our journalists -- cnn's journalists out of the country or on a very
3:29 pm
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>> this is a crazy shooting in las vegas that happened earlier. i have heard reports of as many as 40 rounds fired. maybe a little more, maybe a little less. at this point it doesn't matter. what matters is there is at least one person who was trying to stop this gunman who is dead. there may be another one who is critically injured. let me bring in mike brooks as we look at some of the pictures. mike, you have been looking into this. what have you been able to find out, my friend? >> the court security officer, a 65-year-old man did die of his wounds. the 48-year-old u.s. dep -- deputy u.s. marshal is in stable condition and the alleged gunman who they had a shootout with, took it across the street from the courthouse, he was shot dead by law enforcement. >> let's take joe dickey.
3:33 pm
he's talking now. let's listen in, guys. >> the shootout started in the main entryway into the courthouse, spilled into the front area and then over into las vegas boulevard. he was killed across the street. >> reporter: did the gunman have a criminal history? >> we are not releasing that at this time. >> reporter: do you have ideas of motive? >> not at this point. we don't believe it is terrorist related. looks like a lone criminal act. >> reporter: are you releasing the names of the men who were shot? >> not now. the marshal service put out a press release sadly describing that the officer was killed. >> reporter: at this point what do you do? how do you go forward investigating? >> it is a criminal investigation we are working with las vegas police department and the u.s. marshal service. >> reporter: do you think the courthouse will be open? >> it will be closed for the day. as far as tomorrow goes, i would have everybody check in the morning to see if it's going to be opened up. i think the plan is to get it
3:34 pm
open. >> reporter: do you have any idea if the gun was registered? >> we are not releasing it. >> reporter: no age on the suspect? >> not that i can release. >> reporter: can you give us a physical description? what was he wearing? >> he was wearing black pants, a black shirt and a black jacket. from what witness accounts said he walked in with a shotgun under his jacket and opened fire when he opened the doors. >> reporter: was he wearing anything over his face? >> not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: he runs out of the building and is chase aed by officers? >> again, seven officers responded and were returning fire at that point. >> reporter: metro may have shot back. were they on scene at that point? >> i'm not aware metro officers were. i think it was the u.s. deputy marshals on scene and court security officers who man the front magnetometer area. >> did he get through the metal
3:35 pm
detector? >> he never got there. >> how many people were in the lobby? >> we're not sure. we're sifting through the facts to get witness accounts. >> so the witness accounts to this point that have said there were multiple gunmen, are they in error? >> we believe there was one gunmen at this time. >> do we know how many people were evacuated? >> out of the building, i have no idea. there are nine floors. it's busy on a monday morning. i would expect hundreds were evacuated. >> was there video -- >> mike brooks is joining me, taking us through this. >> it sounds like they got the gunman and he was dead right across the street. you know, we heard different rounds. one sounded bigger. could have been a shotgun of him firing back. usually the officers are in the lobby and they have the glock or sig on them. >> what a scene. he says mondays are as busy as ever. i can only imagine how many people either witnessed, saw
3:36 pm
this or were scurrying from the scene as shots were fired in both directions. >> i guarantee you it's all on video surveillance. >> you're right. >> a lot of cameras, as you approach the building and inside the lobby. i guarantee you they have it all on video. >> i hadn't thought of that. do me a favor. >> sure. >> we've going to come back after the break and pick up on the incident with the nba basketball players. i know you have a lot to say and so do americans. >> i bet. >> we have a lot of involvement on this. stay right there. medicare.
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it doesn't cover everything.
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this is a story that's got a lot of people angry. it's about two nba basketball players -- if you can imagine this. two nba basketball players who took it upon themselves to have in their locker room -- an nba locker room, mind you, their place of work -- guns, pieces. when asked why they brandished the pistols or guns on each other, according to reports, the reason they did it is because of some kind of gambling debt or question that they were having with each other on its surface, beyond even looking under the surface, this looks horrible for the nba and for them. >> absolutely. what is that arena? that is their workplace, like you said. look at the district of columbia where i was a proud member of the metro police department for over 26 years. i can tell you, rick, they don't like it when people bring guns into the city. they're not law enforcement. >> what would a normal employer do if a couple of employees were pointing guns in the workplace?
3:40 pm
>> i can tell you. when i left, i was in charge of workplace violence for delta airlines and i have fired people for bringing guns to work. >> immediate termination. >> even having guns in the parking lot. >> immediate termination. >> absolutely. >> what about the conversation leets are having about the fact that they have because of their fame or money are bigger targets than the rest of us, even bigger targets than other rich or famous people? do you buy that? >> i think they have a lot of bigger egos than everyone else. they have enough money, hire a bodyguard. hire a real security person who may be allowed to carry guns. in the district of columbia, unless they hire off duty officers, you're not supposed to car ary a gun or even bring a gun into the district of columbia or store them there. the excuse that gilbert arenas said, i don't want to leave it in my house, you have enough money to buy a gun safe, put it
3:41 pm
in concrete and only you know the combination. i doubt your kids will get into the vault. that doesn't fly with me. >> you and i are in the world at cnn and other places where we are around wealthy, famous people. i have seen bill gates walk into a room. >> i'm with you. >> arguably, i'm on my way home every night talking about what we are having for dinner. the idea that a bill gates, for example, who i have seen, needs to have a ton of body guards or -- i have seen guys like bill gates, ambassadors and others -- they're just as simple as anyone else. they walk into the room, hey, mike, rick, how are you doing? why do these guys feel because they are famous or make money -- which, by the way, ooefter of the guys if they walked in right now, i wouldn't know who the hell they arement. >> i would know one of two. >> they're basketball players, great. like a football player with the helmet on. they're great athletes, probably wonderful people, but you
3:42 pm
question why they think they have to protect themselves with a piece coming out of the hollister wherever they go? >> one name comes to mind. plaxico burress. had a gun inside his pants because he felt he was threatened by people. could have been a target. bill gates, yes. could they be a target because you're one of the richest men in the world? could they be a target for kidnappers and those things? absolutely. sports figures -- you know -- >> this is what then, a psychological need for young men who haven't matured yet and don't know how to handle fame nor the money? >> no. the nba -- >> am i right? >> that's one person's opinion. that's what i'm getting out of this, rick. when we get down to the bottom line here, i like to bottom line it quite a bit. when it comes to violation of the law, if you point -- if i point a gun at you and you point a gun at me, that's assault. >> why aren't they arrested? >> that's what law enforcement is looking into. i guarantee you that if the
3:43 pm
metropolitan police department finds there is probable cause to charge them, they will. where did the guns come from? that's why a federal probe, that's why the atf may look at, okay, were these guns obtained legally? and the poland family do not like this kind of publicity for the wizards. it's ironic, rick. what was the name before the wizards? >> the bullets. >> you got it. >> so much for changing the name. >> yes, changing the name and the culture. >> good conversation, mike. enjoyed it. stay with us. also this -- new details about the suicide bomber who killed seven c.i.a. agents in afghanistan. we are learning it was an al qaeda double agent who may have fooled everyone. this is an amazing turn of events. stay right there. once again, there is developing news on the seven cia agents killed in afghanistan. you're not going to believe what we are learning.
3:44 pm
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3:46 pm
welcome back. i'm rick sanchez. this is a per flplexing angle t the story and this is information just now coming in. let me share what we have been able to gather on the story. remember last week when americans were shocked by reports that a suicide bomber infiltrated a cia base in afghanistan and ended up killing seven people as well as himself? well, today, nbc news is reporting -- and the associated press is confirming as well -- that the suicide bomber was actually -- get this -- a double agent. they say he was an al qaeda sympathizer who had gone to the jordanians and convinced their intelligence that he would be able to help them find someone as important as, say, zawahiri, the number two man in al qaeda who we have been looking for,
3:47 pm
the guy who founded the muslim brotherhood. reports seem to indicate at this point that he was able to fool the jordanians and, in turn, fooled u.s. intelligence agents for more than a year. it finally led to what happened last week, the deadly attack where he walked into the cia base in afghanistan, pulled the cord, killed himself and took everybody in the room with him. what a story. cnn international security correspondent paula newton is live in dubai and is good enough to join us now. this is amazing. what a development that this guy was able to fool the jordanians and the u.s. into thinking -- and it sounds like he was going to deliver one of the big guys, right, paula? he was promising to deliver zawahiri which means these agents' eyes dealing with him may have gotten bigger than their own sense of security,
3:48 pm
didn't it? >> well, you know, rick, when you're talk about trying to get people like osama bin laden and zawahiri, these are big value targets. this can be done with double agents. that, of course, is the kind of operation that the cia would expect to have in these areas. what's interesting here, rick, is that when we first heard about this report, all of us thought to ourselves everyone gets checked for security going into a lot of these camps, even smaller ones. there is some kind of security. if the story is confirmed and if it's true, it would be interesting in the sense it would explain how someone with that kind of an explosive vest strapped to them can get into that kind of cia base. also very interesting, rick -- >> wouldn't that tell us -- >> i just want to mention one more thing. >> yeah, go ahead. >> sorry. the taliban first said it was an afghan national army officer. they corrected themselves within a day. now this is going back now four
3:49 pm
or five days, rick. they were the first to say, he is an arab martyr pointing to the fact that this person was not afghan and that he was an arab. they didn't mention jordanian. they also claim, the taliban, rick, that they have some type of video that they will release linked to this event. sorry to interrupt, rick. go ahead. >> no, it's just that we have a satellite delay. we're so far away. let me get this out. listening to what i heard you say as a laymen, i'm thinking this guy was coming and going a lot there and that's why he was able to make this final entrance so easily. am a i right? >> he wasn't coming and going a lot -- from what we understand, it's not coming and going so much. of course, usually most of these agents would have different locations to meet any one of these so-called double agents. they wouldn't want to bring them onto the cia base. the claim here, rick, is he had a jordanian handler -- a
3:50 pm
high-ranking jordanian handler. he called the handler and said, look, i have to talk to the people at the cia base, can you gaining confidence. that's if we can confirm the stories. those are the details being reported by nbc an the associated press. >> i'm still left with the question. i think our viewers are still left with the question, that's all fine, but why did you let him walk into the building with a vest? isn't there a screening process? didn't somebody think let ate not let this guy have a conversation with us. let's make sure he is legit. it seems like nobody asked that question, or else he wouldn't have been able to walk in with a bomb strapped to him. i guess that's what we're left with. what a story. thank again. appreciate you joining us. dash cam video, giving new meaning to the term "have a coke and a smile."
3:51 pm
i'm going to explain this one next. wow, also don't forget to visit me in the studio when you're in atlanta. in fact, let me show you something. yeah, that's what you can do to get here. look at the folks joining me today. we let people from our cnn tour join me here in studio, give a little wave, folks, happy to have you. welcome aboard. we're going to be right back.
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3:53 pm
welcome back. i'm rick sanchez. there's something i want you to watch. i can promise you this -- you're going to have a reaction when you watch this. this is something that surfaced
3:54 pm
since texas tech fired mike leach at its football coach over his treatment of one of the players. now, there's a video that has surfaced of leach. i saw it for the first time this morning, cursing out that same player at practice last spring. let's watch it together. >> by the way, if you know curse words, and you can imagine putting in some of the worst ones you know, those are the ones that apply there. if you've ever been to a college football practice or taken part in one, as i have, obviously, you know that's not really unusual language. like it or not, that's the way some coaching talk. that particular inns didn't that
3:55 pm
i just showed you right there is not why mike leach was fired, though it was the same player that he was talk to go that ended up putting him in the situation he's in now. mike leach was fired because he allegedly ordered that guy, sophomore wide receiver adam james, son of espn football analyst craig james, to stand in a darkened dwimt closet. james had a concussion and couldn't take part in the practice. he supposedly showed up with streets clothes and a cap on backwards. he said, fine, stand in a darkened shed and don't move. for that he was suspended and eventually fired. keep in mind, leach and his lawyer, who i spoke to, have spun this case as that of a coddled young player an his influential father trying to railroad the coach, because the coach wouldn't give the kid enough playing time. that's one side of the story. in fact, just last week, they released this statement from the
3:56 pm
team's trainer, quote -- and for leach, that looks pretty good, but now there's this. here's the same trainer with new information, and maybe what you would call a different spin. in a sworn affidavit released over the weekend by texas tech, he says, quote -- yeah. as an aside, it made my spare money as a kid -- as an aside, i
3:57 pm
should mention to you this -- i was taken aback by that quote. personally for me, i made my spare money as a kid umpiring and coaching. i went on to play college football. i coached my son's high school football team last year. i've encouraged my kids, my children, to join sports teams and have had to hold my wife back a bit when she thought one of the coaches was being mean to one of our children. so, like you, i gets it. being the bottom like is being a good coach is like herding cats. it may be hard to appreciate from the outside and takes an awful lot of discipline, but there's also a line that should never be crossed by some of these coaches. this case will likely reveal to us -- we don't know which way it goes yet, we don't know the truth here, but this case will rikly reveal to us and other coaches and other university presidents and other parents where and how that line was
3:58 pm
crossed. take a look at this video of a car chase. what's that at the end of the car? "fotos" next. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different --
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it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. welcome back. get ready, no time to wait for firefighters in one part of the world, this is "fotos." okay. this is random, dash cam, police in tennessee, you see what is going on there. also, that is a coca-cola vending machine freshly snatched from outside a store near chattanooga. let's run from police, anyway.


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